Health Benefits

Kirk US Army Health Clinic is committed to providing you and your family with the best possible health care. Helping you understand the referral process and your financial responsibility is

part of our duty in providing your healthcare.

Our health benefits advisor can help you by providing information and assistance to Active Duty members, retirees, and family members regarding various programs and services and explanation of benefits.


Resolving Your Medical Bills

Just a few tips to help you get that bill paid!

  • Have you called the doctor's office, or the clinic where the services were performed to inquire if they billed TRICARE?  It should show up on the bill when TRICARE pays.
  • TRICARE requires prior authorization for all care outside of your Primary Care Physician's office. The authorization letter from TRICARE states specifically who you can see and for what date range.  Did the visit require prior authorization; did you get a referral from your Primary Care Physician?
  • Is the bill in the wrong name?  Did they use the DoD number instead of the Sponsor's social security number?  Is the date of birth correct? 
  • Is the date of service correct? 

When you have answers to the above questions, many times you will resolve your own bill. If there are still problems after taking the above steps, see your Health Benefits Advisor at Kirk U.S. Army Health Clinic to assist you.  Be sure to bring all pertinent information to help resolve your bill.

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